Adverb: with or in proximity to another person or people.

I forgot how beautiful and difficult at the same time it is to be in love.
My relationship has never been effortless. I often fall into a black hole of envy admiring the fairytale photos of others. Then I am reminded that I too have those pictures. Amongst all the happy memories and perfect photos are (almost always) hardships. Personally, we disagree a lot.



Adjective: adult.
I'm officially moving in with my boyfriend. This time last year I was only just becoming comfortable with the labeling of girlfriend/boyfriend. Now, after months of real life house hunters Montreal, we've signed a lease together. We decided on a spacious, slightly over budget yet perfectly located condo. I'm a little nervous; am I really ready to be a grownup who shares a bathroom with a man?



Verb: lack or be short of something desirable or essential.

As a single lady in a world of coupled friends, it wasn't hard to feel lonely and left out at times; the third, fifth or (worse) seventh wheel. I always assumed my social life would benefit when my one finally became two. Although lately my phone is quieter than ever.