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  As I sat at a table amongst seven other adults, all over the age of fifty, a feeling of envy took over. They would probably never feel the strain social media can have on a relationship nowadays. Of course they all own cell phones, they try to remain hip with facebook, but ultimately their phone is not a priority. They can go out to dinner without feeling the need to update any apps; I am a huge hypocrite as I was attached to my iPhone for a good portion of that evening.

  The purpose of this rant is not to reiterate how addicted we are to our phones. However, as of lately, I cannot help but observe the number of men (who are in long-term relationships or married) preoccupied with Instagram. I get it, IG is cool and entertaining, yet what kind of enjoyment are these males looking for exactly?
  Why are you following hundreds of women? Not to mention, some quite younger than you. Instead of liking photo after photo of other females, why not pay attention to your significant other? In real life. I understand that a woman's body is beautiful and that it is a mans prerogative to ogle over it. However, instead of showing love for the half naked girl on Instagram, why not ensure your woman feels wanted from you. With so many marital problems these days, maybe if we all put down our phones for just half the time, things would be better?
  The majority of our grandparents had marriages that lasted a lifetime. They were each others worlds. Not to say they didn't have problems, but when it came to supper time, it was the two of them sitting at the table with no distractions. They always went to bed together. Our grandmothers never slept alone waiting for him to return from his night out, because if he was out, she was with him. They truly appreciated each other. This is why their marriages worked. They chose each other and continued to do so for their entire lives. My own grandfather passed away over twenty years ago, next week my grandmother will be turning eighty-seven years old. She has lived alone since he left, because she still chooses him.
  I want a marriage like my grandparents. I want a lifetime of choosing each other over and over again. Of working through any problems, because that is what you do when you love someone. I don't want to worry about stupid social media likes and fight for his attention when we are together. I want to fall asleep with him every night; without any third party technology...

I am a fool for thinking this is still possible?

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