TV series: Girls is an American television series that began airing on HBO on April 15, 2012. Created by and starring Lena Dunham, Girls is a comedy-drama that follows a close group of twenty-somethings as they chart their lives in New York City.

I have become quite the disgrace to my blog. It is eighteen days into the new year and until now I have not sat down to write. I am sure the most common assumption in regards to me being MIA would be my changed single status. Although I admit that my Friday nights are no longer spent home alone watching Julia Roberts movies, the man in my life is not (completely) to blame.

Unfortunately I have not yet mastered the technique of time management. Between work, family, friends, boyfriend and crossfit I am finding myself with only enough extra time to sleep. I will also chalk it up to winter blues and my forever lack of iron.

So although I am exactly a week late, I could not stay away from blogging about my beloved GIRLS. This conversation took place over Imessage last Monday, starting at 13:46, with the only other person I know who is as obsessed as I am:

*excuse the lack of punctuation*

Her: Watching the episode again lol

Her: So good

Her: Did you realize her and her parents are eating at the same restaurant that they are at during the first episode ever

Me: I thought it looked familiar!!

Her: Same table!

Her: Poor Adam my heartttt

Me: I'm not sure how I feel. My initial thought was he's being a jerk

Me: Like you need communication for a relationship to work and he's not communicating and in turn making her feel bad

Her: But she was also afraid to confront him about the situation like she didn't even say byeeee

Her: She's just being selfish

Her: Again

Me: Really??! I saw it as she didn't want to wake him

Her: Oh I saw it as she was avoiding it lol

Her: I mean she stood so far from the bed saying R u up or wtv lol

Her: And just walked away

Me: Ya I guess I see your point. But throughout she wanted to set a plan etc and he just shrugged her off

Her: No kiss no nothing ..aka Lemme run out so I won't feel bad for leaving

Her: I loved the scene at the brunch where she said the thing about the maze

Her: So perfect lol

Me: Also if I was leaving and my bf didn't even wake up with me id be so mad

Her: Duh but how cute was marnie aw lol

Me: Ya you see!! She's trying to get him to communicate and he's just like - I'm listening

Me: Marnie's a cute slut lol

Her: Lmfaoooo

Her: Wow perfect description

Her: "hey I couldn't get my dick hard on torpica"

Her: lmao dying

Me: Hahaha Shosh is still my fave

Me: "Both my parents are named Mel it's the worst thing that ever happened to me"


Her: And then she was like and it's also the first thing that ever happened to me


Me: She's amazing *insert OK hand sign emoji*

Her: "I love that" "I love you 2" oh Marnie lol

Me: I'm confused tho - it's gonna be split now? Hannah in Iowa and everyone else in NYC

Her: Yup!

Me: Not sure how I feel about that *insert pensive face emoji*

Her: She writes so much about her college experience in her book im excited to see what she incorporates in the shoe

Her: "Unconsciable ..UNCONSCIABLE" lmao

Her: dead

Me: I wanna read it!!

Her: "I like being amongst your stuff" aw adam

Me: That was sweet

- I send her a link to whowhatwear's best quotes from girls

- She sends me the quote from Hannah "My only limitation is my own mind. Like, I hold the keys to the prison that is my mind."

Her: I loved that one lol

Me: Lol such good quotes

Her: That hug between marnie and Hannah at the end ugh

Her: So real

Her: The song during the credits ..so good

Me: Haha you just finished it I can tell

Her: Yes!! Hahahaaa I swear I can watch it again and probably will after my bubble bath

Me: Me too I taped it!

The conversation ends at 15:53. 

I taped it firstly because I was at my boyfriend's house for supper that evening and wasn't even sure he had HBO. In the end he did, but I missed it anyways (long story). As Sunday dinner at his place has become a weekly ritual, he has promised that tonight he will watch it with me. As sweet as he is, I just don't think he will appreciate those thirty minutes in the same sense...



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