Adj. of or relating to society or social relations.

There is no part of me that does not agree that technology has become a disgrace to the human relationship. The most obvious reason being that the majority of the population is typically glued to their smart phone; whether it be on any numerous social media apps or in a conversation through text. It isn't even unexpected to see someone walking while on face time these days. As of lately, I've become bothered when I am with someone, especially one on one, and they insist on verifying what may be waiting for them as a notification on their phone.

As I've grown up (slightly) throughout the years, it has become apparent that social media can easily be detrimental to a relationship. The biggest problem being that we cannot control other people and that a like can be greatly misinterpreted. Personally, I do not frequent Facebook often, therefore if a person decides to write on my wall for all of my friends to see, it may take me a few hours (or days) to notice. Furthermore, words can always be misread. This can cause (huge) problems. What if my ex suddenly decides to think of me and publicly announce it on Facebook? It could very well be nothing but a platonic message, yet it can be misconstrued in a thousand ways.

It is honestly crazy how much value a like has grown to have. How many of us females have heard, or have said, 'He keeps liking her photos'. I'm smart enough to not deny that I have; on more than one occasion. The issue here is a like can have meaning, yet it can also just be a tap of the finger. So maybe you saw me like that guy's photo and it could very well be internet flirting - oh hey, I want you to see my like and think of me. Or it might have been - awesome pic of you and you're friends surfing in Mexico; the end. The dilemma here, you can't ever decipher the online actions of others.

The solution to social media is simple; trust. Trust them enough to not have to question, or just be plain confident enough to not be friends with each other on social media.

My personal biggest demise is texting. It's all fun and games when the messages are positive 'I miss you *smiling face with heart shaped eyes*'. But as soon as the conversation gets a bit serious and someone writes something not so happy not accompanied by an emoji but rather a ... I begin to panic. I am queen of over analyzing a text message. Use the wrong punctuation and I may assume you never want to see me again; *disappointed face*. The worst part is when a serious topic of discussion begins and is immediately regretted because everything is being misunderstood. It is more often than not too late to turn back at this point, *neutral face*. The damage has been done and you need to do your best to get the convo back to at least a winking face. You know that you both (OK, maybe just you) will spend all the time it takes to see the other person re-reading the messages and examining every possible (horrible) point of view. 
Why or why did you not use a comma in that sentence? * crying face*

Although I find it easy to ignore social media, I continue to find myself trapped in a texting war with no way out. I still need to learn the patience needed to wait until I am face to face so I can hear the tone of voice and see the facial expressions. But most importantly, when it is with someone of the opposite sex, so I can see his eyes and he may be able to kiss the worry from my lips. 

That being said, I would throw my phone away if it meant that my iMessage exchange of today could be permanently removed from my mind *face with cold sweat*.


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