Noun: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.
Over two years ago while in Milan, every thirty feet or so I found myself confronted by an African man trying to present me with a "gift" from Africa; a braided thread bracelet. Once tied upon your wrist, they would then (of course) ask you for money. After forty-eight hours of avoidance, we were finally trapped. I took it as a sign, handed over some Euros and made a wish. 

The piece of string remained on my left wrist until today. The problem is, I feel as though I urged it off. During my Monday morning meeting I was inspecting the knot; I won't lie, as of lately I've been annoyed of having this permanent bracelet attached to my body. I may have gently tugged to determine how sturdy the string remained. It immediately ripped, hanging on only by a thread. My heart sunk. Being someone who is extremely superstitious I feel as though I may have just ruined my life... The bracelet later fell off; although I managed to keep it. Yet now I'm over thinking my wish and what this could mean. I clearly cannot disclose my wish, as this is bad luck and will curse me even further. Am I crazy to believe in these things? For some reason I cannot help myself and I do not know where this thought process comes from. Most recently it goes so far as holding back from admitting I am happy in a situation. If I make my happiness known, is it not bragging? Being arrogant is bad karma, therefore by discussing my current state of affairs I will probably jinx it all and screw everything up. RIGHT?!

If someone could put a spell on me so that in turn I can just accept that I am happy rather than analyse every detail, it would be much appreciated. 


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