The ascendant (or As), or rising sign, is the zodiacal sign and degree that was ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event.  
I am ashamed that being someone who believes so strongly in astrology I have just figured out my rising sign today. I'm not sure why I suddenly felt the urge to discover this aspect of my zodiac life, but literally out of nowhere I texted my mother to inquire my time of birth. I knew the rough calculation, but I needed precision to be sure. If the internet serves me properly, my ascendant is Scorpio; and here is what I've learned thus far:
The Cancer with Scorpio rising knows everything and is the sage of all Cancerians, but they're not boasters. They have a quiet but intense presence and are always switched on, but no one is quite sure what's going on inside their head. Ask them a question and they'll have an answer. They're the fount of all wisdom, and this has nothing to do with how much schooling they've had, although it would be just like them to have a penchant for knowledge and learning. Much of what they know is pure insight; they can see through any prank and anyone who tries to pull the wool over their eyes is doomed to failure. They appear to be incredibly in control, not just of their emotions but of every other aspect of their life. These Crabs are of the armor-plated kind and it will be a rare and special somebody who's allowed to penetrate their shell and reach their soft, sweet inner nature. The need for self-preservation forms part of their relationships with others, though when it comes to leisure pursuits, they love wide open spaces and won't shirk if there's an element of danger.

All this time wondering why I was single for so long is explained in the above italics. I always blamed my crab (Cancer) shell, if only I had known it was armor-plated. 


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