Verb: To arouse hope, desire, or curiosity in without affording satisfaction

As I complained about a guy on Tinder who had been rampantly messaging me in regards to meeting I couldn't help but cringe at my listener's reply: But Tinder issss about meeting!


At this moment I was forced to face the fact that I am probably my own worst enemy when it comes to meeting men. For instance, it is time to admit that merely having the Tinder app is NOT effort enough. Considering that when I am not repeatedly  pressing X, the majority of the situations carry on as the below:
Like photo - match with male - male messages something lame like Hi, Hey, What's up or How are you?-  never respond. 

I can only be blamed partially as we have already discussed that receiving a message of HI is not attractive in the least.

Let's look at case number two. Remember the guy from a few weeks ago who practically had me out of my clothes begging for a second date? Well, he has asked; numerous time. I can't seem to want to give up my pyjamas and Grey's Anatomy to actually go through with it though. I'd rather stay home on a Saturday night watching Julia Roberts movies than go meet a decent man for a glass of wine. Can someone please explain what is wrong with me?

I feel as though I took a step in the right direction today and gave eager Tinder guy my phone number. My friend's brother played hockey with him years ago; he seems legit. The problem is he asked if he could take me out next Tuesday and I've already managed to compile faux plans. Tuesday is in six days, I can't commit to a decision just yet.

Whatever, dating sucks, I'm going to go read my book with a glass of wine in a bubble bath.


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