Noun: a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent casual connection.

Last night I went to sleep preparing a visit to the clinic in the morning as I have obtained an annoyance which looks like chicken pox but is not.When I woke up, the spots seemed to be diminishing so I changed my plans and went to work.As the day progressed so did the skin condition leaving me to depart work at lunch hour to go to the clinic.Once I arrived I was given an appointment to come back at three PM.  I decided to go home and adjust my attire into something more comfortable.The doctor only saw me at approximately five thirty. Do not worry, I’m not contagious. My spots are merely an allergic reaction to something unknown. After waiting at the pharmacy for my prescription I ignored my not so presentable clothing and made my way to the busiest shopping center (especially at this time of year). I really had no choice as I’ve been wearing old and somewhat damaged contact lenses for weeks. The optometrist left a message informing me that the new contacts were ready for pick up yesterday, however they closed at five PM (yesterday). I work until five PM. As I made my way to the optometrist’s office I received a text message from a good friend who works at the exact mall I was at. 

“Pretty sure I see C in front of me.” **C being the one who confessed his love to me**

My phone was near death at only five percent battery. I needed to know where she was, I assumed she would be working. She was. He was only around the corner from me at the Apple store. I panicked obviously. I hadn’t seen him since July and I refused to bump into the one male who’s ever declared his love to me looking like I did. I needed to make a stop at Sephora, which would require walking by the Apple store. I considered skipping the errand. My phone had died; I could no longer contact my friend to find out if C was still within her vision. I couldn’t even use my phone as a distraction to occupy my eyes as I walked. I decided to take a long detour to Sephora so as to omit the walk by Apple. So here I am, in my black leggings and flannel shirt, scarf hanging wildly around my neck. Walking as fast as I can through the swarm of holiday shoppers, neglecting to make eye contact with anyone. I arrived at an intersection active with people and as I made my way right I spotted him in the crowd. He was walking in the opposite direction, talking on his phone. I held my breath...

I focused on the floor, made a sharp right and dashed as fast as I could through the crowd.
I don’t think he saw me.

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