Urban dictionary: Too much information - way more than you need/want to know about someone.

Once upon a time a friend commented that I would never find a boyfriend with a blog like this. At the time his words didn't phase me, however more and more I've been catching myself feeling uneasy about my writings.

I'm not a real writer; shocking I know. Therefore I'm not sure if the proper etiquette is to write for an audience or for yourself. I, of course, do the latter. Often I am in denial about  my readers, and even though I often post my babbles on different media sites, I don't expect so many to take the time to actually read them. Therefore when I find myself confronted in real life about my blog I often tend to get embarrassed and (probably) break out into hives. Let's be real, I've written and described some pretty intimidate details.So I wonder, is my content sometimes pushing the limits? Am I revealing too much and scaring potential suitors away? Much like my man repelling, un sexy style, my blog may also be offending the opposite sex... and unfortunately it's a little too late to turn anonymous.

I always find myself caught between saying too much and not saying enough.

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