Adjective: Having qualities or appearances traditionally associated with men, esp. strength and aggressiveness.

As much as I play the role of independent single lady, I cannot hide the fact that when it comes to relationships I prefer being the submissive. Of course I expect the affairs to be fifty fifty, however I want a man who’s going to wear the pants in the game. Unfortunately this is not easy to find nowadays. We live in a world of metro sexuality; and while I appreciate the necessary male grooming, I’m seriously finding it difficult to tell the difference between gay and straight. Although I do welcome a man who takes pride in his appearance, I don’t want to date someone who has a better eyebrow shape than I do. What happened to being a little rough around the edges?

Far more important than the exterior is what happened to your balls? Men have become so sensitive in fear of losing their woman that they may as well be a pussy. Females have reversed the roles and are now the ones calling the shots. I’m all for powerful women, but I can’t possibly condone taking away a man’s masculinity. I want a man to challenge my thoughts, not agree with everything I say.

I look at guys who were once upon a time my idea of an ideal man; I see them attached to the shortest leash ever, obeying every command...
I cringe and say a prayer for their manhood; may it rest in peace.


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