Noun:  A group of three dramatic or literary works related in subject or theme.

I have this lace Victoria Secret thong, only a few months old, which is unfortunately ripped. I won’t indulge on how the tragedy occurred. I first wore it (ripped) to my initial brazilian bikini wax a couple of months ago. I figured, why waste pretty undergarments? Plus with waxing there is always the possibility that your undies will be burned with hot wax anyways. So now it has become a tradition, and with my third wax complete, I’ve only now questioned, is wearing ripped lace to your esthetician bad etiquette?
It is said that the third time (of anything) is a charm, and in my situation, I must agree. This encounter was easy as pie, a walk in the park, no sweat; that is why my mind started wondering about things like having good manners when your legs are spread for a stranger. I realized lying on a paper covered table is never comfortable, and having to contortion your legs to the right angles makes it worse. Am I rude to not keep a conversation flowing? I feel that I can’t concentrate on a dialogue while so many other thoughts are brewing inside my head. I considered what it must be like on the opposite end of this waxing session; not that I would like to be the waxer per say, but I wonder what my vagina looked like while the process was being played out. I imagined it couldn’t be pretty. I’ve always wanted to ask a doctor or esthetician if my private parts looked normal. I mean, I’ve never had any complaints, and they look good to me, but I would want to know if I’m working with something average or above. Is that weird? I speculate over what sort of things this woman has seen. Or been requested to do for that matter; I can’t help but smile when she ask, “All off?”

Yes. All off.  
And when she leaves the room so I can dress I realize that a white pubic area looks extra naked against a tanned body.



Preposition: As opposed to; in contrast to.

Never underestimate the power of a good wardrobe. I recently came across a stranger’s dilemma on Tumblr: “I like well-dressed men but I also like naked men do you see my problem.” Naturally, I agreed, and so the debate began.
Not being able to conclude a decision on my own, I took to sharing the discussion with others. Some had no hesitation and quickly responded with a well dressed man. There was a lot of agreement on the fact that a naked man, emphasis directed towards the penis, is not very appealing. It’s not an attractive body part, unless it is being used to your advantage.
Others paused to think, but only for a few seconds, before concurring that a well dressed man was indeed the best choice. In addition, you can always undress a well dressed man. There’s just something about a tailored suit that screams sex; although, it is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it. A well dressed man wears a t-shirt and jeans as effortlessly as he wears the sex appealing suit Anyone can be naked but not everyone has style.

We also concluded that the percentage of well dressed men in this city is sparse.

All photos from The Sartorialist



Noun: A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

I think I’ve caught writer’s block.
I have lists of ideas I want to detail; I’ve started and stared at a blank screen numerous times these days, yet the words are just stuck.
A lack of inspiration; I think I need a muse.
What I really want is the ocean and a beach, a stack of books with a never ending supply of mimosas.

Summer, where the F are you?!



Noun: Anxiety; worry.

I fear that man no longer knows how to properly seduce a woman; especially her mind.
I worry that today’s woman makes it so easy for man that he no longer needs to know how.