Noun: The function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation.

If you rewind and ask my past self, during my one and only serious relationship, what the most important part of the entire situation should be, I would definitely respond with something typical like honesty, or the ability to trust one another. I truly believed that too. Perhaps had I spent less time worrying about if my boyfriend was being truthful with me and more time in bed with him things would have worked out? Oh, except I didn’t always want to. Therefore it is safe to say we were not sexually compatible. As a result, I would say the correct answer is: sex is the most essential ingredient for a successful relationship.
Sex is the glue that keeps everything together. In truth, why would anyone want to be in a relationship if the sexual aspect of it is not satisfying? Sex keeps people happy, there is no denying it. On the other hand, why would you ever want to leave someone who met all your sexual desires? Sex is what differentiates a regular friendship from a relationship. Without sex, you’re just another friend.
I’m not saying that the sex needs to be amazing from the beginning, because let’s be real, at times that first encounter is just plain awkward. Furthermore maybe one person is more sexually experienced than the other; I see no dilemma here, please teach me your ways. But in the end you must have the same sexual appetite. You need to want the same things, if not, let’s be real; the one who wants more is going to go elsewhere to get it. There’s no faking it either, the truth always comes out.
In case you are misinterpreting my words and assume I am directing them to the female population to ensure they please their man so he doesn’t stray, you’re wrong. It’s a two way street in this game. So ladies, if he doesn’t seem to care about your pleasure, then you need to move on. Just so you know, sex is meant to end in an orgasm; for both parties. So if he's not doing his share of the work and you're staying, well then that's your loss.

Also I am well aware that it is not JUST about sex. Relationships are hard work (why do you think I am single?) and there are many different factors required in order to achieve success; including honesty and the ability to trust one another. I just think that if you start with a great sex life you automatically have a strong base to lean on. Why would you not trust someone when you both want and satisfy each other fully?
This subject is not really up for debate in my world; rather it is a declaration, fact, reality if you will. In order to not gain hate comments, I will agree that the previous sentence is merely my opinion on the matter. However, I can’t help myself and say that if you do disagree it is most probably because you’re in a relationship where sex is not the most important element. In other words, your sex life is not as good as it should be...

Please feel free to throw in my face that I am the single one who is missing a sex life altogether.

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