Noun: A failure to understand something correctly.

Today someone asked me ‘Will it bother you if you’re single forever?’ To me, this question was similar to asking me if I’d be saddened if peanut butter vanished off the face of the earth (note to those who do not know me, I love peanut butter way too much).
Of course it would bother me!!! I did not start this blog to advocate that being single is the greatest way of life, although I’m sure some posts make it seem that way. I actually started this blog to express how hard it is to be single; let’s not forget that I have yet to write about the disadvantages of being single! I most surely want to find my soul mate and, although I’m unsure about marriage, I most certainly want a baby(ies) and to build a life with someone. For the record, I am not opposed to meeting someone and there HAVE been people I have fallen in and out (and may be still) in lust with. They just haven’t been THE one for me (and/or I was too chicken to voice my real feelings..oops), and unlike others, I refuse to settle. So in the meantime, considering I have all this time to spend with myself, I focus on personal goals and I enjoy being single and doing whatever the F I want. After all, if you don’t know how to be happy alone how should you ever expect to be happy with someone else? 

So to all of you who do not appreciate their own company, I have one word for you...

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