Present participle of date (Verb)
Verb: establish or ascertain the date of (an object or event)
Synonyms: time - rendezvous - period - day - appointment – term

One of my very best friends is also one of my few remaining single friends (also referenced in my post from Jan.17th). However, we are the complete opposites when it comes to being single.  for the most part, I will not take my time conversing with someone if I don’t think I want to pursue them (and I believe you can know this in sixty seconds or less), I know this is not beneficial in any way, but it’s just the way the cookie crumbles in my world. She will meet a new boy (sometimes two) almost every week and have a new date scheduled every couple of days. I do not date. I’m awkward and I tend to break out into hives in uncomfortable situations. So until I meet someone who is worthy of my hives, I live vicariously through her stories.
This morning I woke up to a text from her sent at 12:41 AM:

Can’t wait to tell you

I knew that last night she was meeting up with a guy she just met while out last Friday. She finally calls while I’m stuck in traffic on my way to work (what a great entertainment while being at a standstill on the highway at 8:30 AM. No sarcasm). Now, before I get into the story, let me start off by saying that alcohol is usually a factor when meeting these new boys. Obviously because you meet people when you are out and when do we go out without alcohol? As a result she doesn’t always remember every detail about the person she met, this sometimes causes very humorous situations. The guy she met on Friday was named Alex, that’s all she knew.
And this is her story:
Location: Plateau Lounge at the W Hotel, Wednesday night.
She was chilling in the DJ booth waiting for Friday night Alex to arrive. If you have ever been to the dub on a Wednesday night in the middle of the coldest week in January, you will know that it is not very eventful. She noticed an old friend’s brother as soon as he walked up the stairs. She was a bit confused to see him there but went over to say hi and ask him what he was doing there. It was random to bump into someone on such a cold Wednesday night. He was a little confused and responded with ‘what do you mean? You invited me here’. Similar to how I get hives, she turns beat red in the face when confronted with an awkward situation. It took her a good five minutes of red face and thought to realize that the friend’s brother was the Alex that had been texting her. How ironic that he would message her the day after she met Friday night Alex. She later read through the history and it all made sense, there was never any reference made to the Friday night meeting, and she had thought it was odd when he invited himself to her place as a first date. She clearly did not remember that she had added Friday night Alex as ‘Alex Confess’ in her directory. It all made sense now…

Turns out Friday night Alex hasn’t messaged her yet and she was stuck hanging out with older brother Alex who evidently has a crush on his younger sister’s friend.

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