Best Friend.

Noun: the one friend who is closest to you.

It’s amusing to look back on how we used to view a best friend. When we are young, we usually think that we can only have one best friend. Often you will hear little children saying, ‘he’s my first best friend, and she’s my second best friend’. Even throughout high school we may not understand the true meaning of a best friend, which I dispute, is not as described in the definition above (web definitions you’ve let me down). As we mature we usually begin to understand what a best friend really is, usually by eliminating those which are not. We are frequently left with best friends who have stuck around for better or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness and in health.
Hmmm, now doesn’t that sound familiar? Who better to end up with than your best friend? I am blessed to have numerous best friends, and yes they are all equally my best friends. Unfortunately they are also all female and the majority of them are in relationships and/or married. Bearing in mind that I am not a home wrecking lesbian, how am I to romantically end up with a best friend?
I began assessing this dilemma in my head this evening during sushi with one of my best friends (the single one). We whispered in judgement about the boring couples surrounding us as they sat in front of each other without saying a word; that is exactly what I don’t want. We laughed out loud, very loudly, while eavesdropping on the male conversation going on behind us and almost choked on our food when we would evaluate how actually unlady like we are; perhaps this is why we are single? Despite the not so great sushi, it was a perfect date and I am confident that had we of been a male/female duo all the neighbouring couples would have been jealous of how much fun we were having and how much we enjoy each other’s company. They probably were jealous regardless.
If you haven’t figured it out by now, the massive set back in this situation is time. All of my best friends have been an ingredient in my life for eight to fifteen years already. A best friend takes time and even if I met him tomorrow, eight years from now would be way too long to wait...
Someone recently told me that by the age of sixteen, eighty percent of people have met who they are going to marry. My first reaction was why did I have to be included in the twenty percent of losers? And then the hopeless romantic in me took over and as I raced through all the ex lovers in my life I couldn’t help but think, never overlook what’s right in front of your eyes.
2 x Merde.

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