Verb: move forward, especially after reaching a certain point.

How do you determine if your relationship is on the right track of progression? I know that every situation is different, but it would really ease my mind if there was a set of rules to follow; a check list would be ideal. 
So you find yourself in a relationship with someone, but how do you know if you are succeeding? How do you ever really know if the other person is interpreting things as you are. It is all a little (too) scary to consider. Especially when you realize that maybe you weren't experiencing the same connection in the beginning. Does that mean he is three (or four) months behind your feelings?



Verb: have a desire to posses or do (something); wish for.

 I would like to formally apologize for my past thoughts. I may have been quick to judge the shift in priorities when one enters a relationship. I have been slow to realize that the reality is not that friends become secondary, but rather you want to just share everything with the person you are dating. I believe this happens more frequently with people of an older age. You tend to be more sure of yourself, of what you want and you are less likely to embark into something  if you have doubts. In turn you end up in a situation that makes you extremely happy with an extra ordinary individual.



Verb: repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker.

If you know me, you have most probably heard me state that actions speak louder than words.  The contradiction is, I fall in love with words. For as long as I can recall I have been fascinated with reading and words. Highlighting in books my favourite passages and scribbling in note books and on post-its my preferred  quotes. I will always favour paper over technology, yet I now find myself collecting likes on Tumblr. I often scroll through, re-reading everything I once hearted...